so this happened

i’m the one in red(covered cos i don’t want racist sending me shit)

i didn’t cover up that dick’s name because he’s a fucking dick and everyone should know it

i really hope this didn’t come off as me telling alex(friend from high school) what to identify as. i was trying to explain how alex(who is a very light-skin hispanic looking girl) saying that she is black may be problematic. i hope I didn’t end up saying anything problematic!!! if i did please please let me know! 

then that whole thing with the douche happened

i used to go to high school w/him and he was like obsessed and super creepy w/my friend. then i became friends w/him on facebook and he was nice enough, super christian but nothing like this. anyway he deleted his facebook and i completely forgot about him, i was about to add him again the other day, i’m glad i didn’t.

so again please let me know if i said anything problematic

edit: i just realized that he erased what he posted after i called him out for using the slur, he said

"wut it’s not like i said n***er or porch monkey :P"

what a fucking douche, just cos he deleted it doesn’t change the fact that he said it

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